Myra HQ expanding

MYRA NEWS | 22 January 2020

We can hardly wait to expand our Munich office starting on April 1, 2020. Our office building is being expanded by 500 m2 to create space for more than 30 additional employees. It will be integrated into existing space and also have comprehensive protection and infrastructure. Myra offices are protected by gatekeepers and security personnel, are secured with turnstiles, are ultra-modern and thus have the highest security standards. The phenomenal view of the city of Munich and the Alps offers ample room for innovation and creativity.

We not only have height-adjustable desks and ergonomically customized furniture, but also the full range of “new work” amenities: a fully-equipped kitchen, canteen, rooftop terrace, shower facilities, and an underground garage with over 200 parking spaces. With this expansion we are reacting to our strong growth in a very dynamic market. As in all areas, Myra is committed to the highest standards of safety and quality. Both our customers and the many applicants will be pleased that we are adding more top talent to our team.

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