Myra Security Awards Creative Budget to Jung von Matt

MYRA NEWS | 23 December 2021

To put the urgency of IT security into the spotlight of decision-makers in times of rapid digitalization, Myra Security is taking a completely new approach. In collaboration with Jung von Matt, the company is working on a disruptive campaign set to go live in the first quarter of 2022.

The campaign seeks to raise awareness of a risk that remains underestimated but is nonetheless highly dangerous, affecting business and society alike. “Our objective is to get decision-makers and politicians to take action – creatively, emotionally and courageously,” says Paul Kaffsack, cofounder of Myra Security. “Bosch, Sixt, and BMW – Jung von Matt campaigns are legendary and convey brand messages in an emotionally compelling way. This creativity is also needed for the issue of IT security.”

Jung von Matt was chosen straight away. Partly because the two companies have more in common than what is immediately obvious: premium customers, maximum demand for quality, and a product “Made in Germany” that is also appealing internationally.

“The most demanding customers trust Myra’s expertise and certified security products. We are using our status as a trusted brand for IT security to focus more strongly on one of the most important issues of our time,” explains Head of Marketing Philipp Herrmann, who previously helped establish FlixBus in the same role.

“B2B communication doesn’t have to be dry and sober; it can be entertaining. After all, behind every job title is a person with emotions and passion. We are thrilled that a modern and exciting brand like Myra Security shares this attitude with us and has tasked us with their new campaign,” adds David Leinweber, Creative Director at Jung von Matt/NEXT ALSTER.

With the acquisition of Myra, Jung von Matt has convinced yet another B2B client. The agency most recently published a white paper on the status quo in B2B marketing together with McKinsey, the management consulting firm.

from left to right: Paul Kaffsack, Co-Founder at Myra Security, Philipp Herrmann, Head of Marketing at Myra Security, David Leinweber, Creative Managing Director at Jung von Matt NEXT ALSTER

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