Success Story: Collaboration platform Stackfield relies on managed security services from Myra 

SECURITY INSIGHTS | 16 August 2022

Today, no one can avoid the topic of IT security. Stackfield, a collaboration platform provider, started thinking about preventive DDoS protection for the application layer early on. Since Stackfield attaches great importance to GDPR compliance and works exclusively with technology partners from the EU, the company has relied on Myra's protection services since 2018 to protect its platform comprehensively and in line with compliance.

Founded in Munich in 2012 by CEO Cristian Mudure, Stackfield's mission is to make collaboration and communication in companies as simple, clear and as secure as possible. Comprehensive protection and GDPR compliance are particularly important to Stackfield: the company's servers are located exclusively in Germany - this ensures that all data remains within the EU when using the tool.

The company also applies the same high standards to its partners: Stackfield only works with companies that are based in the EU. This was also the premise for the search for a DDoS protection provider, which ended with Myra Security.


"What convinced us primarily about Myra was the fact that it is a reputable, German provider. The price-performance level is absolutely reasonable."

Christian Mudure, CEO and founder of Stackfield


As a German company, Myra is subject to the European legal framework and stands for the highest GDPR compliance. This is complemented by data processing limited purely to Germany on request and a commitment to the highest security standards, which manifests itself at Myra in a multitude of certifications, as well as first-class service and years of expertise.

Since 2018, Myra has been protecting Stackfield's web applications from application-level DDoS attacks, preventing malicious business process disruptions.

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