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Web Application Firewall

Protect your web applications by safeguarding them against unauthorised access and known vulnerabilities.

Attackers often exploit web applications to access and manipulate sensitive data. Myra Hyperscale Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides a powerful solution to prevent malicious access before it can reach your servers.

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What the Myra Hyperscale WAF does for you

Critical Importance of Securing Vulnerable Systems

Myra has been equipped with sophisticated and up-to-date rule sets that protect against various types of attacks, including those targeting unpatched systems and outdated applications that are otherwise difficult to secure. This means you can rely on Myra to shield your web applications from zero-day vulnerabilities like Log4Shell, even on short notice.

  • Our team of experts at Myra is here to assist you in optimising your WAF rule sets for the best possible outcomes.

  • Integrating our solution into your IT infrastructure is quick and easy, without requiring any additional hardware or software.

Protection against data theft and sabotage

Myra’s web application firewall filters, monitors, and controls incoming and outgoing HTTP/S traffic at the content level. This Hyperscale WAF acts as a protective wall against various attack techniques, including those listed in the OWASP Top 10 and other attacks.

  • Included standard rule sets go even further than the OWASP Top 10 risks   

  • Simple configuration and rule management via a dashboard (web GUI)  

  • Protection for all web applications and APIs regardless of the hosting model 

Why CISOs choose Myra

Our key benefits

Highly certified

Our technologies, services and processes are regularly audited and certified to the highest standards.

Made in Germany

Myra is a legally compliant GDPR-compliant company headquartered in Germany.

24/7 Support & Monitoring

Fast & secure onboarding and 24/7 support by European IT experts.

Prevent expensive cyber attacks. Get in touch with our cybersecurity experts today for a free consultation.

Protecting your business from cyberattacks is crucial. Don’t wait until you fall victim to an attack to take action. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with Myra to defend against cyber threats and keep your business safe.


During the demo, you can expect to:

✔   Explore our Security-as-a-Service platform from an administrator’s and a user’s perspectives.

✔   Receive real-time advice and solutions from our cybersecurity experts, who will help you understand how our solutions can meet your specific requirements.

✔   Learn about our compliance expertise and how we can help ensure your data’s availability, integrity, and confidentiality.


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Myra Web Application Security


Managed WAF

The Myra team of experts analyzes your web resources and supports you in creating customized rule sets.

Comprehensive standard rates

Rule sets managed and constantly updated by Myra protect against the most common attack risks (OWASP Top10).

Configuration via API

You can fully configure and control the Myra Hyperscale WAF via an API.

Custom Error-Pages

The Myra Hyperscale WAF supports the display of individual error pages that are adapted to your corporate design.

Header Modification

Customization of headers in request and response phases.

Header Rewriting

Header/response rewriting without adjustments to the web application.

HTTP/S Request Filtering

The filtering of HTTP/S requests is ready for immediate use and can be scaled to almost any size.


Freely configurable alerting by e-mail, API calls or SMS.

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What you can expect in the product sheet:
  • Key benefits and features of the Myra Hyperscale WAF 

  • Which risks threaten your web applications 

  • How the WAF defends against attacks at application level 


Attackers specifically exploit vulnerabilities in web applications to penetrate vulnerable systems and manipulate, steal or delete data. The Myra Hyperscale Web Application Firewall (WAF) blocks malicious access before it reaches your servers. Protect your web applications from malicious access and known vulnerability exploits.

All information on data processing can be found in our privacy policy.