DDoS Protection

Myra DDoS Protection protects web applications, websites, DNS servers and IT infrastructures reliably and fully automatically. Thanks to the filter technology developed by Myra, you are protected against Denial-of-Service attacks.

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Protected against DDoS Attacks

With Myra’s DDoS protection technology, you are protected against DDoS attacks.

Complex Filter Mechanisms

The complex filter mechanisms are based on hardware and software components developed by Myra.

Designed for High Availability

These components are designed for security and high availability, even under heavy loads.

Your website and IT infrastructure are efficiently protected to enable them to perform well. The global Myra network and its automated fault detection provide you with comprehensive protection.

DDoS Protection

Up to 2.000 Gbit/s

Protection against DDoS attack vectors of up to 2,000 Gbit/s.

High Availability

High availability and rapid loading times, even during multiple, parallel attacks.


Defense against DDoS attacks and amplification attacks (UDP, NTP, etc.), TCP-based attacks (including SYN and ACK floods), and layer 7 attacks (GET and POST floods).

Round-the-clock Monitoring

Round-the-clock monitoring by the Myra Network Operations Center (NOC).

Automated Filtering

Automated filtering of nearly 100% of attacks, with customer-specific filters developed by the 24/7 NOC as needed.

Contract Data Processing

Contract data processing in accordance with the German Data Protection Act [Datenschutzgesetz (BDSG)].

Myra DDoS Protection


Protect your website or web application against all DDoS attack vectors.

Data Center / BGP

Myra DDoS BGP Protection reliably protects your IP subnets and IT infrastructure.


Protect your communication infrastructure. With Myra DDoS Mail Protection.


Protect your telephone system with Myra DDoS VoIP Protection.

Secure DNS

Protect the name resolution of your domains against DDoS attacks.


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