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DDoS Protection

Myra DDoS Protection protects web applications, websites, DNS servers and IT infrastructures reliably and fully automatically. Thanks to the filter technology developed by Myra, you are protected against Denial-of-Service attacks.


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DDoS Protection

Myra DDoS VoIP Protection

Nearly every telephone system is VoIP-based now. DDoS attacks on communication infrastructure are therefore a real threat. Protect your telephone system with Myra DDoS VoIP Protection.

Your Advantages

  • Availability of services and systems through global scrubbing centers.
  • Protection against DDoS attacks.
  • Real-time communication without a delay.
  •  No overload problems or failures during major events.
  • SLA up to 99.999%.
  • Round-the-clock expert support and monitoring.
  • Security management systems according to ISO 27001.

Main Features

Protection Layer 3/4/7

DDoS Protection protects against attacks at the network, protocol, and application level (e.g. against SYN flood, SYN-ACK flood, RST flood, ICMP flood, UDP fragmentation, UDP flood, UDP reflection, UDP amplification via DNS, NTP, rpcbind, and SSDP).


Valid and known SIP sessions are allowed through by the Myra solution, while attack traffic is blocked.

IPv6 und IPv4-Support

With Myra, your VoIP systems are optimally accessible via IPv4 and IPv6.

Dynamic Whitelisting

Your intermediate servers report to us which IPs are trustworthy.


Even during an attack, your IP phone service will continue to operate normally, even active phone calls during a BGP announcement.


The system notifies you automatically in the event of a DDoS attack.


In the event of a DDoS attack, you receive an individual report on the duration, type, and strength of the attack.


Trustworthy handling of sensitive data.

Made in Germany

German manufacturer & GDPR-compliant.

Direct Support

24/7 direct contact with IT experts.


Please contact us via contact form or call us at:
+49 89 414141-335.

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