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There is a suitable cloud solution for practically every application scenario these days. When choosing a cloud service provider, companies pay particular attention to the performance of the service, data security, and compliance with existing data protection regulations.

Performance, stability, security, and compliance According to “Cloud Monitor 2021,” these are the key values that count in the cloud. Almost 90 percent of survey respondents describe them as must-haves. The study carried out by Bitkom Research on behalf of KPMG shows what German companies find important when choosing the right cloud provider. In actual real world use, the priorities are mainly standard applications, such as those used for office work, collaboration, ERP, e-commerce, CRM, or HR that are being increasingly sourced from the cloud. The above-mentioned key values are a prerequisite for smooth operation.

Where data processing takes place also plays an important role: Three-quarters of the companies surveyed insist that the provider’s data center must be located within the jurisdiction of the EU. Another 22 percent consider this to be at least desirable. In addition to concerns about unauthorized access to sensitive company data (75 percent), uncertainties regarding the legal situation (67 percent) are one of the main reasons why companies are not yet using public cloud solutions. Such hurdles can be overcome by choosing local providers who are subject to the same jurisdiction and meet the highest data protection requirements.

Room for improvement in performance, security, and compliance

Due to the often enormous time pressure placed on deployment, migrations to the cloud did not go smoothly everywhere in 2020, the year of corona. At the beginning of the corona pandemic, the issues of security and compliance were often neglected in the hasty switch to remote work in order to ensure business continuity, at least initially. Many companies still urgently need to make improvements in this regard. Peter Heidkamp, Head of Technology Center of Excellence at KPMG, noted: “Using the public cloud requires good planning and an appropriate security concept. Cloud providers are absolute security professionals who hire the appropriate specialists to find the best possible solutions for securing their customers’ data and applications.”

The triumph of the Cloud proceeds apace

The corona crisis has convinced even the most stubborn cloud skeptics of the advantages and potential of the forward-looking technology of cloud computing. In 2020, 82 percent of German companies utilized the computing power of the cloud. In the previous year the proportion was 76 percent, and five years ago it was just 65 percent. In the current year, cloud computing is expected to grow further thanks to the ongoing push to adopt the latest digital technologies. Of the companies that are not yet using cloud solutions, 15 percent are currently planning or discussing how to move to the cloud. Only 3 percent still have no interest in the topic. But even those who have already successfully adopted cloud solutions should continuously review their existing processes to find opportunities to optimize them further, if necessary.

Note on the methodology: “Cloud Monitor 2021” is based on a phone survey that Bitkom Research carried out in February and March 2021 on behalf of the auditing firm KPMG. Managing directors, IT managers, CTOs, and CIOs from 556 companies from all industries with 20 or more employees in Germany took part in the survey.

Myra is the special service provider for the cloud

With its high-performance Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) platform, Myra meets the highest requirements for performance, security and compliance. Myra technology is certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) according to ISO 27001 auf Basis von IT-Grundschutz. As one of the leading providers, we also fulfill all 37 criteria of the BSI for qualified DDoS protection providers. Our DSGVO-compliant, multi-geo-redundant server infrastructure in Germany provides our customers with the necessary legal compliance.

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