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Threat Landscape  |  1 July 2022

Trending Topics cybersecurity – June 2022

BSI President Arne Schönbohm sees a significantly heightened threat level due to cyberattacks in Germany. In June, municipal institutions, energy suppliers as well as political parties and federal authorities were among the targets of cybercriminals.

Threat Landscape  |  5 April 2022

Hackers use Spring4Shell exploit for remote code execution

Hackers are using the Spring4Shell vulnerability to inject malicious code onto vulnerable servers, posing the threat of major damage. Learn here how Myra protects against the new threat.

Threat Landscape  |  14 January 2022

Log4J vulnerability: internet on red alert

The critical “Log4Shell” vulnerability in the Java Log4J library enables attackers to inject malicious code on web servers and inflict massive damage. Find out everything you need to know about the vulnerability and how you can protect yourself.

Threat Landscape  |  20 October 2021

A scalpel, not a shotgun: DDoS extortion with increasing precision

Extortionists are increasingly targeting cash-rich companies in critical sectors such as finance and healthcare. Having preventive protection for operational business is therefore crucial.

Threat Landscape  |  3 February 2021

DRDoS & RDoS: Blackmail Using Reflection Attacks

Cybercriminals are increasingly employing reflection attacks using massive volumes of bandwidth to bring the Internet services of companies to their knees. These powerful DDoS attacks are designed to exact high ransoms – and those who fail to pay up come under fire.

Threat Landscape  |  26 November 2020

Doxing: minimizing data exposure is the best protection

Criminals seek to harm their victims by publishing their private data. Those who do not take adequate steps to protect their digital identity will quickly become victims themselves.

Threat Landscape  |  2 November 2020

Cyber warfare: US military succeeds in strike against the TrickBot botnet

The U.S. Cyber Command has temporarily disrupted the botnet allegedly controlled by Russian cyber criminals to prevent it from impacting the U.S. presidential election.

Threat Landscape  |  26 October 2020

BSI report: “Threat situation in the KRITIS sector remains at a high level”

CRITIS operators across sectors face DDoS and ransomware attacks in particular. Complex DDoS attacks on banks caused disruptions in payment transactions.

Threat Landscape  |  9 October 2020

Lives depend on cybersecurity in critical infrastructures

A ransomware attack brought down key systems at the University Hospital of Düsseldorf. Due to limited operations, there were major restrictions in patient care – with tragic consequences.

Threat Landscape  |  16 July 2020

Social engineering: What the Twitter hack shows us

Attackers have successfully hijacked countless celebrity and corporate accounts on Twitter and used them for fraudulent spam messages. The blame for this was not a security hole in the Twitter systems, but a successful attack via social engineering on an employee of the service. You can find out what the attack was about here:

Threat Landscape  |  8 July 2020

Cybercrime: What’s behind digital crime?

Cybercrime continues to gain momentum with increasing digitalisation and causes billions of dollars in damage to the economy, state and society. You can find out more about the multi-layered threat from the Internet here: