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Threat Landscape  |  2 September 2020

DDoS blackmailers attack in the name of “Fancy Bear”

Cybercriminals are blackmailing German companies into paying large ransoms using the name of the Fancy Bear hacker gang. Those failing to heed the attackers’ demands face the prospect of critical DDoS attacks.

Threat Landscape  |  1 September 2020

Trending topics in cybersecurity – August 2020

Missteps in IT security are becoming increasingly costly, especially for companies in the finance industry. Cybercriminals are taking business-critical data hostage and extorting millions of dollars.

Threat Landscape  |  3 August 2020

Trending Topics in Cybersecurity – July 2020

Critical Layer 8 vulnerability: Even the most sophisticated security solutions and best-practice models are of little use if there is no awareness in front of the screen.

Threat Landscape  |  16 July 2020

Social engineering: What the Twitter hack shows us

Attackers have successfully hijacked countless celebrity and corporate accounts on Twitter and used them for fraudulent spam messages. The blame for this was not a security hole in the Twitter systems, but a successful attack via social engineering on an employee of the service. You can find out what the attack was about here:

Threat Landscape  |  8 July 2020

Cybercrime: What’s behind digital crime?

Cybercrime continues to gain momentum with increasing digitalisation and causes billions of dollars in damage to the economy, state and society. You can find out more about the multi-layered threat from the Internet here:

Threat Landscape  |  1 July 2020

Trending topics in cybersecurity – June 2020

Dangerous business model from the darknet: Cybercrime as a Service makes DDoS attacks more accessible than ever, while at the same time the costs for affected companies skyrocket.