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Events  |  24 November 2021

Five key takeaways from the 2021 SZ-Wirtschaftsgipfel

Whether Europe will still be at the forefront of the digital world in 2030 is up to us to decide. But to do so, we need to break new ground faster and more courageously with a can-do mentality.

Events  |  15 June 2021

#WTI21: Cybersecurity is the new Made in Germany

At the German Economic Council’s Day of Innovations, the head of the BSI, Arne Schönbohm, spoke with Myra CEO Paul Kaffsack about cybersecurity as a driver of innovation for Germany. Where do we stand and what do we need for global success?

Events  |  22 February 2021

secIT Digital: Myra Expert Talk: How to Put a Stop to Bad Bots

At secIT by Heise, experts from Myra Security will be showing both the dangers posed by bad bots and how companies can make profitable use of automatic access to their web resources.

Events  |  1 February 2021

30 years of BSI: Myra to provide insights for the congress

The BSI is celebrating its 30th anniversary at the 17th German IT Security Congress. Myra Security will be contributing its industry expertise and business insights.