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Threat Landscape  |  20 October 2021

A scalpel, not a shotgun: DDoS extortion with increasing precision

Extortionists are increasingly targeting cash-rich companies in critical sectors such as finance and healthcare. Having preventive protection for operational business is therefore crucial.

Threat Landscape  |  1 October 2021

Trending Topics cybersecurity – September 2021

Cyber attacks are continuing to escalate in highly regulated sectors such as aviation and transportation. In most cases, encrypting ransomware Trojans are being used to cripple systems. Against this backdrop, U.S. federal authorities are already warning of failures in critical supply chains in the food industry.

Security Insights  |  20 September 2021

Politics in the digital crosshairs: How can we protect the German federal elections?

Digital attacks on political portals and actors have increased dramatically and are harming our democracy. They aim to illegitimately wield influence and undermine public trust.

Security Insights  |  10 September 2021

Using cybersecurity as a competitive advantage

Single investment, triple return: Investments in digital protection pay off many times over for banks with a tailor-made cybersecurity strategy.

Security Insights  |  27 August 2021

223 billion euros in damage caused by cyber attacks – why the number of unreported cases is much higher

When critical infrastructure is attacked, the actual damage is far greater. That is why the protection of critical infrastructure is fundamental to the well-being of us all.

Security Insights  |  26 August 2021

BaFin revises MaRisk and BAIT: Higher compliance requirements for banks

In light of advancing digitization, cybersecurity is becoming an even greater focus of supervisory attention. Institutions must prepare for new or more specific regulations related to outsourcing, contingency management, and effectiveness controls, for example.

Security Insights  |  18 August 2021

The lessons from the cyber disaster in Anhalt-Bitterfeld

For maximum security, existing protective measures should be continuously reviewed and adapted. Specialized service providers can help with this.

Security Insights  |  11 August 2021

You can have both convenience and data security when it comes to e-health

Combining convenience with certified data security will increase the acceptance of e-health products and services. Experienced specialist service providers can help by lending their expertise.

Myra News  |  28 July 2021

DDoS protection: Myra remains the undisputed leader in the BSI comparison

Myra alone fulfills all 37 performance requirements stipulated by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for qualified DDoS mitigation providers – and has done so for years now.

Threat Landscape  |  13 July 2021

“Fancy Lazarus”: What to do in the event of an attack

The activities of DDoS extortionists in the DACH region continue to increase significantly. Learn what to watch out for in the event of an acute attack and how Myra protects your company from RDoS attacks.

Security Insights  |  1 July 2021

Cloud Monitor 2021: Companies demand performance, security, and compliance

The performance and security of systems as well as compliance with existing data protection regulations are the decisive criteria when choosing a cloud service provider.

Events  |  15 June 2021

#WTI21: Cybersecurity is the new Made in Germany

At the German Economic Council’s Day of Innovations, the head of the BSI, Arne Schönbohm, spoke with Myra CEO Paul Kaffsack about cybersecurity as a driver of innovation for Germany. Where do we stand and what do we need for global success?

Security Insights  |  7 June 2021

Digital bank heists: Bonnie and Clyde would be hackers today

These days, bank robbers are no longer armed with a handgun nor wear a hood – a laptop and just a bit of criminal energy are often all that’s needed.

Security Insights  |  25 May 2021

IT security creates a foundation of trust for e-health solutions

In the healthcare sector, digital solutions are increasingly being used in administration, diagnostics, and treatment. Security and data protection are given top priority in order to promote social acceptance of e-health.

Security Insights  |  17 May 2021

Financial regulator steps up controls on IT and cybersecurity

In light of advancing digitalization, cyber risks are becoming an even greater focus for BaFin. The supervisory authority is paying particular attention to the outsourcing of IT services.

Security Insights  |  14 May 2021

European data platform: 5 reasons why GAIA-X is so important

GAIA-X is intended to promote cloud computing on a European level as a hybrid data platform. More than 350 companies and organizations are involved in setting up the lighthouse project – and for good reasons.

Events  |  22 February 2021

secIT Digital: Myra Expert Talk: How to Put a Stop to Bad Bots

At secIT by Heise, experts from Myra Security will be showing both the dangers posed by bad bots and how companies can make profitable use of automatic access to their web resources.

Threat Landscape  |  3 February 2021

DRDoS & RDoS: Blackmail Using Reflection Attacks

Cybercriminals are increasingly employing reflection attacks using massive volumes of bandwidth to bring the Internet services of companies to their knees. These powerful DDoS attacks are designed to exact high ransoms – and those who fail to pay up come under fire.

Events  |  1 February 2021

30 years of BSI: Myra to provide insights for the congress

The BSI is celebrating its 30th anniversary at the 17th German IT Security Congress. Myra Security will be contributing its industry expertise and business insights.

Myra News  |  19 January 2021

Digital protection of vaccination campaigns creates trust

Corona vaccination campaigns have begun in many places. Protecting the digital processes created for this is crucial for success.

Security Insights  |  22 December 2020

Cybersecurity: What awaits IT decision-makers in 2021

Myra Security looks back at the year’s most defining IT security trends and dares to look ahead to the challenges and digital threats IT decision-makers will be facing in the coming year.

Myra News  |  30 November 2020

Simply Saving the World: Myra Is Looking for the Super Talents

Reinforce the Myra team and actively protect our company’s digital infrastructure. We always have a place in our ranks for talented digital heroes. Join us now!

Threat Landscape  |  26 November 2020

Doxing: minimizing data exposure is the best protection

Criminals seek to harm their victims by publishing their private data. Those who do not take adequate steps to protect their digital identity will quickly become victims themselves.

Security Insights  |  20 November 2020

Cyber insurance: DDoS and blackmail cause the most expensive damage

While external attacks account for the majority of the damage, internal incidents are the most common cause of cyber damage—but with a lower financial impact.

Security Insights  |  16 November 2020

Out of the crisis and into the cloud

In the coming year, companies will increasingly depend on how quickly and how well they are able to make use of cloud and remote work solutions.

Myra News  |  3 November 2020

Myra Security receives
8-digit investment

For the technology leader founded in 2012, this is the next logical step.

Threat Landscape  |  2 November 2020

Cyber warfare: US military succeeds in strike against the TrickBot botnet

The U.S. Cyber Command has temporarily disrupted the botnet allegedly controlled by Russian cyber criminals to prevent it from impacting the U.S. presidential election.

Threat Landscape  |  26 October 2020

BSI report: “Threat situation in the KRITIS sector remains at a high level”

CRITIS operators across sectors face DDoS and ransomware attacks in particular. Complex DDoS attacks on banks caused disruptions in payment transactions.

Threat Landscape  |  9 October 2020

Lives depend on cybersecurity in critical infrastructures

A ransomware attack brought down key systems at the University Hospital of Düsseldorf. Due to limited operations, there were major restrictions in patient care – with tragic consequences.

Myra News  |  17 September 2020

An Overview of the Myra Platform

The Myra Security-as-a-Service platform is conceived as a comprehensive protection concept for securing digital business processes. The individual solutions interact seamlessly to ensure robust IT security, performance, and certified compliance.

Security Insights  |  3 September 2020

BaFin demands higher hurdles for IT outsourcing

Raimund Röseler, BaFin Executive Director for Banking Supervision, is in favor of IT outsourcing to qualified service providers. However, he is calling for the right of direct control over the service providers. Banks must choose their IT partners with care.

Myra News  |  2 September 2020

Entrepreneur of the Year 2020

Sascha Schumann and Paul Kaffsack, the founders of technology producer Myra Security, were nominated as finalists for the “Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2020”. The EY is one of the most prestigious entrepreneur awards in the world.

Threat Landscape  |  2 September 2020

DDoS blackmailers attack in the name of “Fancy Bear”

Cybercriminals are blackmailing German companies into paying large ransoms using the name of the Fancy Bear hacker gang. Those failing to heed the attackers’ demands face the prospect of critical DDoS attacks.

Myra News  |  21 August 2020

An overview of the Myra platform: Web Intelligence

The Myra Security-as-a-Service platform is designed as a comprehensive protection concept for securing digital business processes. The individual solutions blend seamlessly together to ensure consistent IT security, performance, and certified compliance. Thanks to Myra Web Intelligence, companies always have a clear view of all incoming traffic and, therefore, can carry out data analysis as required.

Myra News  |  17 August 2020

An overview of the Myra platform: Web Application Security

The Myra Security-as-a-Service platform is designed as a comprehensive protection concept for securing digital business processes. The individual solutions blend seamlessly together to ensure consistent IT security, performance, and certified compliance. Web Application Security provides reliable protection for online services against malicious manipulation and harmful traffic.

Myra News  |  27 July 2020

An overview of the Myra platform: Multi Site Load Balancer

The Myra Security-as-a-Service platform is designed as a comprehensive protection concept for securing digital business processes. The individual solutions blend seamlessly together to ensure consistent IT security, performance, and certified compliance. The Myra Multi Site Load Balancer ensures optimum load balancing and reliability.

Myra News  |  20 July 2020

An overview of the Myra platform: Content Delivery Network

The Myra Security-as-a-Service platform is designed as a comprehensive protection concept for securing digital business processes. The individual solutions blend seamlessly together to ensure consistent IT security, performance, and certified compliance. The Myra CDN ensures consistent performance on the web.

Threat Landscape  |  16 July 2020

Social engineering: What the Twitter hack shows us

Attackers have successfully hijacked countless celebrity and corporate accounts on Twitter and used them for fraudulent spam messages. The blame for this was not a security hole in the Twitter systems, but a successful attack via social engineering on an employee of the service. You can find out what the attack was about here:

Security Insights  |  15 July 2020

Digitization in healthcare in demand as never before

International studies show that patients are increasingly demanding digital treatment methods such as telemedicine, health apps or AI-supported diagnosis programs. However, IT security, data protection and compliance are the basis for successful digitization in the healthcare sector.

Myra News  |  13 July 2020

An overview of the Myra platform: DDoS Protection

The Myra Security-as-a-Service platform is designed as a comprehensive protection concept for securing digital business processes. The individual solutions blend seamlessly together to ensure consistent IT security, performance, and certified compliance. A central component of the platform is Myra DDoS Protection. Learn more here:

Threat Landscape  |  8 July 2020

Cybercrime: What’s behind digital crime?

Cybercrime continues to gain momentum with increasing digitalisation and causes billions of dollars in damage to the economy, state and society. You can find out more about the multi-layered threat from the Internet here:

Security Insights  |  25 June 2020

Cloud computing in the passing lane

The topic of cloud computing is more important for German companies than ever before. Over three-quarters of all companies relied on computing power from the cloud last year - and the trend is still rising.

Security Insights  |  22 June 2020

Finance & insurance: Web applications are an Achilles’ heel

The finance and insurance industry remains one of the most popular targets of cybercriminals. Attackers access sensitive data primarily via gaps in web applications.

Security Insights  |  14 May 2020

What does the BSI actually do?

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is committed to protecting IT systems in public authorities, companies and private households. You can find out how this is done in detail here.

Myra News  |  5 May 2020

Trusted Cloud label: Myra sets the bar for certified quality even higher

New seal of approval for Myra Security: Trusted Cloud distinguishes trustworthy cloud services and thus gives users guidance in selecting secure and legally compliant technologies.

Myra News  |  23 January 2020

Round2 invests in Myra

Investment in Myra Security shows outstanding performance. Round2 invests in those rare companies that are continuously above the target mark and are gaining speed.

Myra News  |  22 January 2020

Myra HQ expanding

Our office building will be expanded by another 500 sqm to create capacity for over 30 additional employees. The space will be integrated into the existing space and will thus also receive comprehensive security and infrastructure.

Myra News  |  18 December 2019

PCI DSS certification for Myra Security

We meet all requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). We thus prove that credit card transactions run securely over the Myra Security infrastructure.